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Procedure of applying for TSC study leave; Guidelines for TSC study leave; TSC Study leave Form attached

Application of TSC study leave

The study leave application is modified to show the number of streams
in a school and the number of teachers on study leave. It applies to all teachers
wishing to proceed on study leave. A specimen copy of the study leave application
form is herewith attached.

TSC study leave form

TSC study leave form

TSC study leave form

On receipt of the study leave application, the
Commission will decide whether one qualifies for:-
(i) Study leave with pay
(ii) Study leave without pay
(iii) No study leave in which case the teacher will be required to resign or be
deemed to have deserted if he/she proceeds for studies.

Procedure of applying for TSC study leave

Application for study leave will be forwarded to the Commission at least three months
prior to commencement of studies. Where Government scholarship is received late
the Commission will consider late application.
The application form will be completed in triplicate and the copies distributed as
The original copy will be forwarded to TSC by The County Director.
The duplicate copy will be retained in the office of The County Director
The triplicate copy will be retained in the institution.

Guidelines for application of tsc study leave

1. Teachers will qualify for study leave only when they are attending full time
2. Teachers pursuing studies for their first degree will not qualify for any study
3. The number of teachers on study leave at any one time should not exceed 2% of
a county’s primary school’s teacher population.
For post primary institutions the number will be limited to one teacher for a single
streamed school, two for a double streamed school, three for a triple streamed
school and four for four streams and above. There should not be more than one
teacher on study leave from a department at any one time.
4. A newly employed teacher will not qualify for study leave unless he/she has
worked for the Teachers Service Commission for five years.
5. A teacher will not qualify for study leave if he/she wishes to study in an area that
is not in the school curricula or in the Study Leave Policy.
6. A teacher will only qualify for study leave after serving for three years since the
expiry of a previous study leave, whether such leave was with or without pay
except for KISE certificate cases who will be required to serve for one year.
7. A teacher on study leave will be required to submit semester progress report to
the Teachers Service Commission Headquarters at the end of each semester.
8. A teacher will be required to submit the certificate one year after completion or
the expiry of the leave. Teachers who for any reason are unable to complete or
pass their courses will be required to report back to the commission immediately and produce documentary evidence of the part of the course covered and the
reasons for the inability to complete the course. A teacher who does not pass the
course will not qualify for any other leave thereafter.
9. Teachers on study leave will remain answerable to the headteacher in their duty
station. For that reason teachers on study leave should report to the headteacher
for assignment of duties when there are interruptions in their programmes
10. Extension of study leave will be limited to a maximum of three months and will be
without pay
11. Teachers admitted to foreign universities who are self sponsored will only qualify
for unpaid study leave.
12. A teacher on study leave will be required to apply for posting in writing to the
Teachers Service Commission at least 30 days before the completion of the
programme for which the leave was granted or expiry of the leave.
13. Teachers above fifty five (55) years of age will not qualify for study leave for
courses exceeding 6 months.
14. On expiry of study leave teachers may not necessarily be posted to their former
15. Upon approval of study leave, a teacher will be bonded to serve in the Public
Service for varying periods based on the duration of the leave.
16. Teachers pursuing masters degrees through school based or part-time
programmes will qualify for a maximum of 3 months leave to carry out research.
However, this leave cannot be extended.

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