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Ringo Telenovela on Citizen TV Introduction, production, casting, full cast and their real name, synopsis and episodes

Ringo is a new Mexican Telenovela that recently replaced Love to Death on Citizen TV.  It is a 2019 Televisa production that has Jose Ron and Maria Torres starring in it.

The telenovela currently airs every weekday from 8pm to 9pm on Citizen TV, kicking off on Monday, 16th March, 2020.

Ringo Telenovela Citizen TV Production & Casting

In as much as the vocal part was translated to English, Ringo was originally acted in Spanish. Its original Spanish name is La Pelea De Su Vida. The 82- episode telenovela was produced by Lucero Suarez with its directors being Jorge Robles and Claudia Aguilar. It premiered on Las Estrellas on 21st January, 2019 and ended on 12th May, 2019.

Ringo is an adaption on Sos mi hombre, which is an Argentuine telenovela that was created by Adrian Suar. It was written by Lorena Salazar, Lucero Suarez, Carmen Sepulveda, Luis Reynoso and Maykel R. Ponjuan. The telenovela was edited by Norma Ramirez and Mauricio Cortes.

On 31st January 2018, Jose Ron took to his Instagram account to confirm his participation in Ringo. This was followed by Mariana Torres being confirmed as a co- star on 20th February, 2018. Jorge Poza, Arturo Carmona, Cesar Evora, Alfredo Gatica, Luz Ramos, Gabriella Carrillo, Pierre Louis, Isadora Gonzalez, Luz Edith Rojas, Gaby Mellado and Silvia Mariscal were all confirmed as part of the main cast by the Latin Show News Website on 5th March, 2018. Ringo is under Televisa as the production company.

Ringo Telenovela Citizen TV Synopsis

Ringo, the main character of the telenovela, is a retired boxer who navigates trying to get back to boxing amidst couple hitches, custody of his son and economic issues.

The telenovela kicks off with Ringo, a young man, being at the peak of his career. Shortly after, he losses the national title after being told that his brother had passed on. Ringo makes the decision to desire from boxing. Things get worse when Gloria, his wife, leaves him for El Turco, who was Ringo’s main rival in the ring. Santi, their son, is left under the care of his dad Ringo.

However, Gloria later comes back to claim custody for Santi, even though Santi prefers being left under the custody of his dad. Ringo decides to look for a job so as to have a stable source of income that will help him fend for Santi and him. Ringo then makes the decision of returning to boxing with one goal in mind; being crowned the champion.

Ringo Telenovela Citizen TV Cast

Juan Jose Ramirez, ‘Ringo’ Jose Ron MAIN
Julia Garay Mariana Torres MAJOR
Oscar ‘El Oso’  Villar Cesar Evora MAJOR
Diego Jauregui Jorge Poza MAJOR
Teresa Rojas Silvia Mariscal MINOR
Rosa Luz Ramos MINOR
Manuel Ochoa Oscar Bonfiglio MINOR
Damasio Pierre Angelo MINOR
Alejo Correa Arturo Carmona MAJOR
El Turco Nasif Alfredo Gatica MAJOR
Gloria Ortiz Gabriela Carrillo MAJOR
Brenda Garay Luz Edith Rojas MINOR
Eva Edsa Ramirez MINOR
Rafael Villar Jose Manuel Rincon MINOR
Maximo Santiago Gonzalez MINOR
Carrizo Paco Pizana MINOR
Pepe Jose Manuel Lechuga MINOR
Guachin Paco Luna MINOR
Santiago Ramirez Ortiz Patricio de la Garza MAJOR
Javier ‘Gavilan Machaca’ Pierre Louis MINOR
Sandra Isadora Gonzalez MINOR
Elsa Claudia Boyan MINOR
Guevara Alberto Estrella MINOR
Marta Mercedes Vaughan MINOR
Antunes Adalberto Parra MINOR
Julieta Mara Matosic MINOR
Ivan Garay Otto Sirgo MINOR
Dr. Enrigue Chavez Orlando Moguel MINOR
La Zorra Marlene Kalb MINOR
Toribio Mauro Gonzalez MINOR
Rocio Nikole Barajas MINOR
Abogada Alondra Pavon MINOR
Licenciada Isabel Avendado Isaura Espinoza MINOR
Susana Tamayo Rebecca Mankita MINOR
Candida Saavedra Regina Pavon MINOR
La Luchis Yany Prado MINOR
Organizador de peleas clandestinas Sergio Acosta MINOR
Karla Kuevas Karla Kuevas MINOR
Bombero Alan Del Castillo MINOR
Higinio Mario Molina MINOR
Mujer del departamento 208 Patricia Rojas MINOR
Comandante Abraham Sandoval MINOR


Ringo Telenovela Citizen TV Episodes

1 It has been 2 years since Ringo lost his battle to El Turco. Life is difficult since the economic situation is tough.  He is also supposed to go for trial for the custody of his son Santiago (Santi). On the positive side though, he accidently meets Julia. Towards the end of the episode, El Turco and El Gavilan battle each other in the ring, one that ends with El Gavilan ending up hospitalized. Ringo plans for a revenge.
2 In as much as Gloria wants to see Santi, Ringo claims that she can only see him at home and accompanied. El Turco returns to train at the Delta Boxing Club, something that El Oso disagrees with. Julia loses her office.
3 Diego breaks up with Julia after finding out that she is interested in Ringo. Brenda is unhappy with how close Ringo is getting with Julia. She warns her that she will not let her come between them. Santi is taken away by Julia without Ringo’s consent.
4 Ringo confesses her feelings to Julia. Just when they are about to kiss, an unwelcome situation interferes. Ringo accepts to fight against El Turco.
5 It is the fight time since his retirement that Ringo has his fight. Brenda takes Santi to the fight in an attempt to get closer to Ringo, although the plans backfires since Santi disappears.
6 The judge orders shared custody of Santi even though he does not want to be near his mother.
7 Ringo shows interest in Julia, something that disturbs Brenda. Diego threatens to end his relationship with Julia if she does not stop being so close to Ringo. Rosa loses consciousness in the ring.
8 Julia is ready to do anything so as to ensure that Llorente’s factory is closed. Llorente orders Julia to be run over but she is rescued by Ringo. The fight between Ringo and El Turco is annonced.
9 El Oso finds out that Rafael is his son. Ringo plots on how to defeat Julia.
10 Ringo teaches Julia how to box.
11 While telling Ringo that he is better than El Turco, Gloria kisses him by force, something that Julia witnesses. An anonymous person threatens Rosa.
12 Santiago’s custody trial gets more complicated.
13 Julia decided to cancel her wedding with Diego.
14 El Turco, Diego and Gloria come up with a plan to destroy so that he fails to win the custody of Santi. Ringo gets arrested by the police.
15 The judge dictates that Gloria keep the custody of Santi, something that Santi rejects.
16 The fight between Ringo and El Turco is suspended.
17 Ringo confesses his love to Julia and promises her that he will fight for her love. Santi forgives Ringo.
18 Ringo finds out that the trio wanted to take away his son.
19 Julia agrees to be Diego’s wife even though Ringo tries to stop the wedding.
20 Gloria is threatened by Diego after he finds out that she came back to look for Ringo.
21 Gloria confesses to Ringo that she drugged him. During a night passion, Brenda confuses Alejo with Ringo.
22 Ringo arrives just in time to save Julia. Diego is tired of Julia’s and Ringo’s friendship.
23 The day of the fight between Ringo and El Turco is here.
24 El Turco is declared the winner, something that disappoints Ringo.
25 Rosa confesses her love to El Oso.
26 Oso and Wachin ruin Julia and Eva’s plan.
27 Ruben, Rosa’s husband, is released from prison. He comes back so as to take his wife back to his town.
28 Brenda records a video of Ringo and Julia dancing romantically. She threatens to send the video to Diego.
29 Julia kisses Ringo unexpectedly.
30 Diego finds out that Julia danced with Ringo. He plans to seek revege.
31 Diego confesses to Julia that Brenda is the one who burned the house.
32 Ringo identifies the man who attacked him.
33 Julia tells Ringo to take the place of El Turco who had left the production of a commercial.
34 Diego poisons Ivan.
35 Julia tries to save her marriage by asking Ringo to work at the factory so that she does not get to see him again.
36 Ringo tells Julia that she only plays with her feelings in the name of love.
37 Rosa intentionally lets herself lose in the ring. Ringo tells Julia that she was wrong for leaving him.
38 Eva and Maximo kiss.
39 Alejo is confronted with Rafael for having slept with La Zorra.
40 El Oso organizes a dinner for Rosa and her family so as to her hand but she surprises everyone.
41 Armina presents herself with her son El Turco.
42 Diego thinks of a way to get Julia to forgive his cheatings.
43 Guido Guevara agrees to train Ringo.
44 Julia asks for divorce from Diego.
45 Gloria travels to the United States with Santi after tricking him.
46 Ringo emerges the champion after defeating El Turco in the ring.
47 Alejo agrees to marry Brenda. Ringo get arrested while trying to get help from the US Ambassador on how to trace Santi. He was mistaken for a criminal.
48 Ringo discovers the whereabouts of Santi. Ringo together with Julia plan to go to the US to get Santi.
49 Diego burns Julia’s passport so as to prevent her from going with Ringo.
50 Ringo goes to the US and he is well received. He finds out the whereabouts of El Turco.
51 Ringo finds Santi. They flee from El Turco to return to Mexico.
52 Gloria abandons El Turco and returns to Mexico.
53 Ringo asks Julia to spend the night together. Diego urges Brenda to kill Ringo.
54 Gloria asks for forgiveness from Ringo.
55 Gloria tells Ringo that she has never stopped loving him and that they should get back together.
56 Brenda and Gloria plan to separate Ringo and Julia.
57 Ringo and Julia spend the night together and they make love. Diego is assaulted by Ringo.
58 El Turco finds out that Gloria lives at Ringo’s house and that she is planning on how to take away all his fortune.
59 Diego shoots Ivan and he dies.
60 Investigators accuse Ringo of having a hand in Ivan’s death.
61 Julia confesses that they spent the night together and there was no way Ringo was involved in Ivan’s murder.
62 Diego comes up with a plan so as to make Ringo guilty.
63 Julia fires Ringo since she believes that her life has never been peaceful ever since she met him.
64 Rosa finds a baby who El Turco immediately becomes attached to. The boy vanishes.
65 Gloria loses Santiago in an oversight. Ringo blames Diego for it.
66 Julia doubts Ringo even more, especially since she found out that he now lives together with Gloria.
67 Julia makes the decision to end their relationship with Ringo.
68 Ringo is offered a chance to be an image of a sports brand and to compete internationally.
69 On finding out that everyone has left her wedding, Brenda is furious.
70 Rosa is run over for the second time and she ends up in surgery. Julia asks Diego for definitive divorce.
71 Rosa loses her memory, thanks to the accident.
72 Alejo wins the fight against Rafael.
73 Julia apologizes to Ringo.
74 Julia and Ringo give in to passion.
75 Santi wants his parents to get back together.
76 Rosa is told that she will not be able to fight again.
77 Ringo wants Julia to be his wife.
78 El Oso looks for Rosa and convinces her not to give up.
79 People mourn the death of Manuel.
80 Brenda is found alive. Gloria receives a proposal to transport drugs hidden in dolls.
81 Julia receives a video that proves that it was Diego who killed his father. Gloria is arrested in the airport for drug trafficking. Diego kills Bruno.
82 Diego is arrested and ends his days in prison. Ringo and Julia decide to join their lives and to be with Santi as Ringo is crowned world champion.

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