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Top ten best secondary schools in Kirinyaga county

Kirinyaga County is situated 112km from Nairobi and borders Embu to the east, Machakos to the south, Murang’a to south west and Nyeri to the west. The county is named after Mount Kenya, which was originally known as Kirinyaga, meaning the crest of whiteness, synonymous with its snow-capped peaks. The county’s education sector is well served by over 300 primary schools and over 100 secondary schools. Here is a list of the top ten best public secondary schools in the county.

Kerugoya Boys High School
Kerugoya Boys High School is a leading county public Secondary School, located in Central- Kirinyaga near Kerugoya Town, Kirinyaga Central Constituency along Kerugoya- Kutus road in Kirinyaga County, Kenya. Postal Address: P.O. Box 27 – 10300 Kerugoya, Kenya.

Baricho Boys’ High School
Baricho Boys’ High School is a religious organization sponsored boys’ boarding school located in Kianjanga Sub location, in Kirinyaga County. The school was founded in 1960, the School offers a holistic education that focuses on the intellectual, emotional, psychological, social, spiritual and physical development of boys. Baricho high school is a well-disciplined school with all teaching and non-teaching departments working together for the good and better results for the boys. Address: P.O. Box 394, Kerugoya 10300, Phone Number: 020-2316705, 0701-394741, Email:info@barichohighschool.co.ke/principal@barichohighschool.co.ke/finance@barichohighschool.co.ke

Ngiriambu Girls High School
Ngiriambu Girls High School is located in Njukiini Location within Kirinyaga county and is a girls boarding secondary school. It recorded significant improvement in 2018 KCSE by posting a mean grade of 7.13 up from the 6.87 in 2017. Postal Address: P.O. Box 46, Kianyaga or Telephone Number: 060-751032

Kabare Girls High School
Kabare Girls High School is a National Girls School also a religious organisation sponsored girls’ boarding school. It is located in Kiritini Sub location, Kabare Location, along Gakoigo-kabare road. Kirinyaga County, Kirinyaga East District, Gichugu Division. On April 6th 1964 Kabare Girls High School started a form one class with 35 girls from Kirinyaga District on harambee basis through the sponsorship of Anglican Church. Address: P.O. Box 69, Kerugoya 10300, Phone Number: 020-2027340 Email: info@kabaregirls.com Website: http://www.kabaregirls.ac.ke

Kiine Girls Secondary School
Kiine Girls Secondary School is only a girls secondary school located at Ndia in Kirinyaga County. For further information please see the contacts below. Address: P.O. Box 48, Karatina

Karoti Girls’ High School
Karoti Girls’ High School is a religious organisation sponsored girls’ boarding school located in Nyangati Sub location, Nyangati Location, Mwea Division, Mwea Constituency in Kirinyaga County. School Code No: 09224201 Postal Address: Po Box 251 Kerugoya or Phone Number: 020-2027331

Kerugoya Girls High School
Kerugoya Girls High School, is a religious organisation sponsored girls’ boarding school located in Kaguyu Sub location, Kerugoya Location, Central-Kirinyaga Division, Kerugoya/Kutus Constituency in Kirinyaga County.The school is well known for its excellent performance in sports and games and is found along the Kerugoya-Karatina Road. Address: P.O. Box 8, Kerugoya 10300 or Phone Number: 060-21155/21030, 0717-357874

Kiburia Girls Secondary School
Kiburia Girls’ Secondary School is a Public Secondary School, located in Gichugu near Kianyaga Town, Gichugu Constituency in Kirinyaga County, Kenya. Postal Address: P.O. Box 23 – 10301 Kianyaga, Kenya
Mutige Boys Secondary School
Mutige Boys Secondary is a Kenyan Secondary school that is designated as a Public Institution. It is located in Gichugu constituency, Mutige Sub-location, Kirima Location in Gichugu Division of Kirinyaga District. This is within the Central Province of Kenya. Postal Address: P.O. Box 91, Kerugoya or Telephone Number: 060-57401

Kiaragana Secondary School
Kiaragana Girls Secondary School is a Kenyan Secondary school that is located in Ndia constituency, Kanyokora Sub-location, Mukure Location in Ndia Division of Kirinyaga District. This is within the Central Province of Kenya. Postal Address: P.O. Box 414 – 10101 Karatina, Kenya.

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