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TSC To Train Teachers, ICT Champions, CSO Remote Learning Skills June 2021

Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is set to train Secondary School Teachers, ICT Champions and Curriculum Support Officers, CSO, for two days starting on Tuesday 8th, June, 2021 to Wednesday 9th June, 2021.

The training will take place online.

It is important to note that Remote learning is where the student and the educator, or information source, are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment.

On the first day the training will impart teachers with Remote Leaning skills. Among the skill teachers will acquire include:

  • Concept & Delivery of Remote Learning
  • Learning Management System
  • Accessing Digital Content for Remote Learning
  • Pedagogies of Remote Learning
  • Assessment in Remote Learning
  • Assistive Technologies

The second day that the training will target Curriculum Support Officers, CSO, and ICT Champions. Skill that will be acquired on this day include:

  • Monitoring Remote Learning
  • Policy Framework Supporting Remote Learning
  • Role of Stakeholders in Remote Learning

The two day training will have eight sessions; five on the first day and three on the second day.

DAY ONE: RLM Training for Secondary School Teachers  & ICT Champions

0800-0830 PRELIMINARIES & Opening Ceremonies

•      Opening Remarks by County Director


Training Objectives, Guideline & Introduction to the Manual: (KWL)

0900-1000 Session 1a: Concept & Delivery of Remote Learning

•        Definition of Concept of RL

•        Delivery Modes of RL (Audio & Audio-Visual Modes)

•        Radio/TV (Activity 1.3 & 1.4 in the RLM Manual-Break Out Sessions)

1000- 1030 HEALTH BREAK  
1030 -1100 Session 1b: Concept & Delivery of Remote Learning

•        Mobile Learning: (WhatsApp)

•        Digital Citizenship, Online Safety & Security

1100-1145 Session 1c: Learning Management System

•        Examples of Learning Management Systems

•        Using Microsoft Office 365 in Teaching & Learning

1145 –


Session 2a: Accessing Digital Content for Remote Learning

•      Accessing Kenya Education Cloud, & Open Education Resources (OER)

•      Creating Digital Content (2.5 in the RLM Manual- Break Out Sessions )
1230- 1300 Session 2b: Demonstration of Remote Lessons: (All Master Trainers MUST demonstrate their lesson and upload in the County Channels)  
1300-1400 LUNCH BREAK  
1400-1445 Session 3: Pedagogies of Remote Learning

•        Effective Pedagogies for RL (Synchronous, Asynchronous & Blended)

•        Discuss of the Mwembeni Case Study Activity 3.2

•        Planning and Implementing RL Lessons: The role of HOI & Teacher

1445- 1530 Session 4: Assessment in Remote Learning

•        What, and How to Assess Learners in RL

•        Using Kahoot as an Example for Online Formative Assessment

•        Providing Assessment Feedback in RL

1530-1600 Session 5: Assistive Technologies

•      Participation of Learners with Special Needs & Disabilities in RL (Activity

2.4i &ii & Activity 5.1 in the RLM Manual – Break Out Sessions)  
1600-1700 Practicum: Preparation of Remote Lessons using Lesson Plan in Appendix 2 pages 63-64. (All CSOs and Teachers MUST prepare and share in their County Channels)  


DAY TWO: RLM Training for CSO & ICT Champion



0830-1000 Practicum (Contd): Presentation of Remote Lessons in Break Out Sessions (All participants MUST present their uploaded lessons)  
1000-1030 HEALTH BREAK  
1030-1100 Session 6: Monitoring RL

•        How to Monitor RL, Importance & Challenges of Monitoring

RL (Activity 6.1, 6.2 & 6.3 in the RLM Manual) – Break-Out Session)

1100-1145 Session 7: Policy Framework Supporting RL

•        Overview of Policy Framework

•        ICT Integration and the DLP

1145-1230 Session 8: Role of Stakeholders in RL

•        Key Stakeholders Involved in RL

•        Roles & responsibilities of key stakeholders who are involved in RL

1230-1300 Practicum (Contd): Improvement of Remote Lessons in Break Out Sessions (All participants MUST improve and uploaded the improved lessons in their County Channel)  
1300-1400 LUNCH BREAK  
1400- 1500 Practicum (Contd): Presentation of Improved Remote Lessons in Plenary (One Primary & One Secondary Lessons per County to be presented)  
1500-1600 The Way Forward & Closing Ceremony

•        Remarks by Deputy County Director

•        Closing Remarks by County Director


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