Home Universities E-Learning University of Nairobi-UoN E-learning Portal via eclass.uonbi.ac.ke For Lessons, Assignments and Examinations

University of Nairobi-UoN E-learning Portal via eclass.uonbi.ac.ke For Lessons, Assignments and Examinations

In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, education sector was adversely affected forcing institutions to take advantage of online platforms in order to execute learning.

University of Nairobi is one of the few institutions that made it possible for not only learning to take place but also administering of examination via E-class.

E-class is the name given  to UoN LMS (Learning Management System). It is the e-learning portal that facilitates learning process electronically in the ODeL mode of study.

Through this platform learning materials are uploaded thus giving tutors and learners an opportunity to interact asynchronously.

E-class can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Through the web
  2. Through the moodle mobile app

How to access UoN  e-class through the web

  1. Go to url :  eclass.uonbi.ac.ke
  2. Login using username (REGISTRATION NUMBER) eg L50123452020 Without  forward slash quotes (/)
  3. Password (ID.NO or Passport No.)

NB: If unable to login, please email your Reg No, ID No and Phone Number to helpdeskmain@uonbi.ac.ke for assistance.

Mobile app access

  1. Go to play store
  2. Download moodle mobile app
  3. Enter eclass url (eclass.uonbi.ac.ke)
  4. Then proceed to login, using your Credentials (Reg No & unique Password)

Menu Navigation

The menu items are easy to navigate as shown below:

Home: This is where you find a list of all courses category and General Information of the e-class.

Dashboard/My Courses : This is where you find a list of all courses you are undertaking.

Events: This is where you find all announcements, discussions, assignments and their due dates.

Accessing Course Materials

Accessing course material is easy. once you are logged in:

  1. click on menu item Home
  2. Scroll down and locate a course category you wish to enrol in, e.g M.A Project Planning and Management
  3. Click on a course e.g LDP 603 within Course Category and click on enroll Me
  4. All enrolled courses Appears at the Dashboard
  5. Click on the course at the dashboard and enjoy navigating the different course resources attached.

Submitting an Assignment

Assignments on moodle have due dates and You will find all assignments at Events Tab. Students are advised to do their assignments     before the due date.

  1. Click on the assignment
  2. Click on Add Submission or type in the text field if file submission is not required
  3. Search the File to be uploaded and do the uploading and click on submit
  4. Wait for the grading by your E-Instructor

Technical hitches expected

Just like any other online platform students can find it not possible to access the portal. This should not make you worry. Here are some of the solutions to common technical hitch.

Problem How/Where to solve
Login issues email Lst@uonbi.ac.ke/helpdeskmain@uonbi.ac.ke
Unable to access available study materials Lst@uonbi.ac.ke
Difficulties in Navigation please see attached guide
Student specific issues e.g connections, browser incompatibilities Email Lst@uonbi.ac.ke

Online student support

For enquiries students can can seek assistance via this email

email: lst@uonbi.ac.ke

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