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Updated List Of TSC AON Minet Hospitals In Nakuru County

Teachers in all sub counties in Nakuru county can access a facility. Naivasha subcounty has the largest number of contracted facilities followed by Nakuru Town East.

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Subukia  is the only sub-county whereby teachers can neither access inpatient nor maternity services.

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All the facilities in the county are offering direct services except Nakuru Heart Centre hospital that is offering referral services.

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Kabarnet Kambi Ya Moto Familia Bora Medical Centre Direct OP/IP/MAT
Kuresoi South Olenguluone Keringet Medical Centre Direct OP
Molo Molo Town St Joseph Hospital Direct IP/OP/ MAT
Naivasha Gil Gil Ndonyo Healthcare Gilgil Direct OP
Naivasha Kwa-Muhia Ndonyo Healthcare Kwa Muhia Direct IP/OP/ MAT
Naivasha Naivasha Bliss Medical Centre  Naivasha Direct OP/Dental
Naivasha Naivasha Aic Kijabe Hospital – Naivasha Medical Centre Direct OP/IP/MAT
Naivasha Naivasha Ndonyo Healthcare Naivasha Direct OP/MAT
Naivasha Naivasha Town Naivasha Quality Healthcare Services Ltd Direct OP
Nakuru North Nakuru Town Mediheal Hospital & Fertility Centre-Annex Direct OP/MAT/Dental
Nakuru North Pipeline Mediheal Hospital & Fertility Centre-Nakuru Direct OP/MAT/IP/Dental
Nakuru Town East Nakuru Town Nakuru Heart Centre Referral IP/OP
Nakuru Town East Nakuru Town Mercy Mission Hospital Annex Direct OP/IP/MAT
Nakuru Town East Nakuru Town Nakuru Specialist Hospital Direct OP/IP/MAT
Nakuru Town East Nakuru Town Alexandria Cancer Centre Palliative Care Hospital Nakuru Direct OP/IP/MAT
Nakuru West Kenlands/Shabaab Medicross Medical Centre Shabaab Nakuru Direct OP/Dental/Optical
Njoro Egerton Benmac Health Clinic Direct OP/Dental
Njoro Njoro New Point Medical Centre Direct OP/MAT/IP/Dental/Optical
Subukia Subukia Town Jancam Medical Centre Direct OP
Chesumei Baraton Jeremic Baraton Community Medical Centre Direct OP/IP/MAT


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