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Updated List Of TSC AON Minet Hospitals In Nyeri County

All sub counties in Nyeri county have at least one hospital facility that is contracted to cover teachers.

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Apart from Othaya sub county, teachers in other sub counties can access most of the services including in-patient, dental, optical, maternity and out-patient.

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No hospital is contracted to offer referral services. All services offered are direct.

Kieni East Chaka Chaka Medical Centre Direct OP
Karatina Giakaibei St Patrick’s Nursing Home Direct OP/IP/MAT/Dental
Kieni Kieni St. John Divine Nursing Home Direct OP/IP/MAT
Kieni East Narumoro Naromoru Medical Services Direct OP
Kieni West Mweiga Muruguru Medical Clinic Mweiga Direct OP
Mathira Karatina Karatina General Hospital Direct OP/IP/MAT
Mathira Kirimukuyu Tumutumu Mission Hospital Direct OP/IP/MAT/Dental
Mukurwe-Ini Mukurwe-Ini The Avenue Medical & Diagnostic Centre Mukurwe-Ini Direct IP/OP/Dental/MAT
Nyeri Central Nyer Town Great Batian Optical Limited Direct Optical
Nyeri Central Nyeri Thuti Medical Clinic Direct OP
Nyeri Central Nyeri Town Bliss Medical Centre  Nyeri 1 (Jenkim Plaza) Direct OP/Dental/Optical
Nyeri Central Nyeri Town Bliss Medical Centre  Nyeri 2 (Sunguest Hotel) Direct OP
Nyeri Central Nyeri Town Mt. Kenya Hospital Direct OP/IP/MAT
Nyeri Central Nyeri Town Nyeri County Referral Hospital Direct OP/IP/MAT/Dental
Othaya Othaya Mathingira Medical Centre Direct OP/Dental


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