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Wrong KUCCPS Mpesa Transaction: How To Get Your Money Back

One of the biggest challenge that students applying for KUCCPS 2021/2022 placement  are facing is wrong Mpesa transaction. This could be probably sending money to KUCCPS mpesa paybill account using wrong details.

Have you encountered this problem, worry no more, we are going to guide you how to get your money back.

The good thing is that the KUCC[PS will ensure that you get your money back. How? If you sent money to KUCCPS mpesa paybill account using wrong details and you want it reversed then contact KUCCPS through 0205137400/ 0723954927 and give the following details:

  1. Phone number you used to pay
  2. Amount paid 
  3. Account number you paid for 
  4. Mpesa code

It takes three to seven days for the reversal made after a request has been received.

KUCCPS second revision kicked off on June 22, 2021 is expected to be concluded on July 5, 2021.

Candidates who did not secure placement are expected to make their choices wisely by factoring in their cluster points.

To avoid mistakes, applicants are advised to apply for a programme only where they believe that, based on the previous cut-off trends, their cluster weight would be higher than the likely cut-off points for the programme.

Students who miss out on dream courses when they apply for highly competitive degree programmes and opt for concurrent consideration for diploma courses as an alternative (multiple category consideration) when there are other degree courses that they are in a better position to secure and are qualified for.

How to know if you have not secured a course? 

Look for your KCSE index number in the list published on the KUCCPS website www.kuccps.ac.ke 

If you find it, you are required to log in to the Students Portal and submit a new application for your preferred courses

It is important to note that with any KCSE grade, you have an opportunity to pursue a course of your choice under government sponsorship

KUCCPS second revision application is for: 

  • 10,707 candidates with C+ and above from the KCSE class of 2020 who did not make any application for degree courses;
  • Candidates who applied for degree programmes during the recent application/first revision period and have not secured a course due to competition.
  • All candidates who scored between C plain and E from the year 2000 to 2020 and have not had the opportunity apply for TVET courses 


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